Water Heater By Coulomb: Get Your Power Shower Today!

  September 12, 2019

Switching between ice-cold water and lukewarm drizzle within minutes, according to the call of the day, is indeed a welcoming idea. The innovative technology to dispense this tweak of instant hot water is geysers.

There are multifarious water heating service providers in the contemporary market.  Governed by the aesthetics to provide a varied and voguish range of water heaters incorporated with state-of-the-art materials, consistently and regularly, the water heater industry in India is constantly evolving. 

Presenting ‘BLAZE Water Heater’ By Coulomb

The consumers are often boggled and daunted while searching for their ideal water heater from the varied range of available brands with their plethora of options. Coulomb electrical Solutions seeking to stand apart from other brands introduced BLAZE. 

BLAZE is its sleek and dynamic range of water heaters.  They are high-efficiency heaters infused with high insulation materials to enhance energy productivity and provide water as hot as you want it.

What makes BLAZE Water Heater By Coulomb Distinctive?

BLAZE geysers provide the consumers with enhanced safety, longevity, savings and automated functionality.

  • The thermostat ensures enhanced safety by automatically switching off the power when the geyser is overheated.
  • Its safety valve ensures that pressure and temperature are not released beyond pre-set limits.
  • The inner tank of Blaze is made of a material that prevents it to absorb rust and corrosion.
  • They are incorporated with insulating materials that ensure quick heating and block scale formation.
  • The insulating materials of Blaze hinder heat loss and increase energy savings.
  • Each geyser has a separate manual. They are accompanied with wall mounting accessory and 2 Flexi pipes included glass Coated Heating Element.

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Technical Specifications Of BLAZE Water Heater By Coulomb

  • Blaze is available in two capacity tanks- 15L and 25L
  • Blaze inbuilt with 5 safety features guarantees protection against high temperature, pressure (up to a level of 8bar) and dry heating.
  • Keeping in mind the limited space availability, Blaze is a built-in Minimalistic design pattern (compact cube) to fit perfectly in a limited vertical space.
  • Blaze is labelled with 5 Star Energy BEE Ratings where 5 Star ensures maximum efficiency whereas BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency mark.
  • The rating label in simple terms refers to a reduction in the electricity bill as energy consumed by the geyser BLAZE is significantly less.
  • Infused with safety device i.e. Earth Leakage Current Breaker (ECLB), BLAZE prevents shock from having high Earth impedance.
  • Inbuilt with IPX4 water resistance technology, BLAZE protects the splash of water in any direction and corroborates resistance to dust particles.  

Get ready for a spa-like experience

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