Coulomb MCB: Why Should You Consider It & Install?

  September 11, 2019

Coulomb MCB
Coulomb MCBs

The community of electric users is growing significantly, and so is the excessive load on electrical systems. 

Spurred on by the increasing need to provide ubiquitous and convenient electricity to the users worldwide, Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) are the contemporary and pervasive replacement for traditional household fuses. Gradually finding a place in every modernistic household, they protect people and properties from the damage caused by fire, electric shock, electric overloads, and short circuit.

How do the MCBs function? 

With a specified amount of current flowing through an electric network, electric appliances operate normally. But when the current exceeds the specified limit, it threatens the working of these appliances demanding an instant stop to the flow. This is where MCB take charge. They interrupt the flow and stop the circuit, shielding the electrically infused appliances from sustaining damage. 

Top 5 advantages of installing MCB

In comparison to fuses, MCB provides enhanced protection against electrical failures with a lesser operative cost. 

  1. MCB intercepts any abnormal current flow and instantly closes the electric circuit in comparison to the fuses.  
  2. MCB in case of fault trips off immediately whereas in the fuse the complete wire has to be checked for the fault. 
  3. Pushing the MCB back to up resumes the electric supply immediately, but in the fuse, the entire wire needs to be replaced.
  4. MCB handling is safe in comparison to a fuse.
  5. MCB can be reused; hence, its replacement cost is less. 

Why should a user choose Coulomb MCB? 

After extensive research on network topology and functional operatives, Coulomb MCB is meticulously modulated with the most innovative state-of-the-art materials to meet the augmented requirements of automated buildings.

They perceive harmful currents instantaneously and interrupt their supply with equal agility to ensure complete safety, controlling, mastering and regulating the electrical power systems. Coulomb MCB furnish de-energizing the circuits, allowing them to function easily and by intercepting faults, prevent them from damage. 

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Special Characteristics of Coulomb MCB

Coulomb MCB is the rudimentary components in protecting wires and cables when there is an overload or possibility of short circuits. They are infused with some special characteristics that make them stand apart from the regular and an array of branded MCB in the market.  

  • Three features define the Coulomb circuit breaker, i.e. Intelligent, automatic and reliable. They intelligently perceive the interruption, automatically work on it and reliably end it. 
  • Made of PVC Plastic, Coulomb MCBs are tough and endowed with mechanical strength. PVC makes them light weighted and provides them with abrasion resistance. 
  • Available in white colour, Coulomb MCBs emits cool and neutral effect. Also, they are available for any voltage requirement.
  • There is an array of MCB range by Coulomb. You can armour yourself from a distinctive range. For instance, high rating MCBs, mini MCB isolators, isolator switching devices, and indicator lights.  
  • Coulomb Switchgear covers a range of devices that involve the protection of your household appliances. For instance, refrigerators, air-conditioners, ovens, etc. 

Make the right choice by purchasing Coulomb MCB

Coulomb MCBs are here to ensure the safety of your appliances and wires thus saving you from any loss. So, make a right choice today and install coulomb MCBs

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